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Small Business Administration Loans

SBA loans are available to people who wish to start a business or expand an existing business. A well-drafted business plan, the applicants credit rating and applicants equity contribution (borrower’s injection) are critical factors in obtaining a start-up loan or SBA loan.

Most new and growing business look to lenders to provide the capital they need to lease space, pay initial start-up cost, and hire staff. Without loans, many small businesses could not be successful.

The Small Business Administration does not loan money directly to small business owners. You will have to select a lender that does SBA loans. Ultegra works closely with you to help finance the start-up and/or growth of your business. Ultegra is a part of your team and will be there from the initial qualification and application process through approval and funding. We have strong partnerships with lenders who are committed to small business owners and understand the financial needs of launching a new business.

Through our partnerships in the financial community, we help shape a lending solution that works for you For details on specific SBA programs and loans, click on the link below, which explains the SBA loan program and guidelines.


Four Steps Loan Process

Loan Application

The loan process begins when you contact us. Our business development officer (BDO) will discuss your financing needs and determine the best loan for you. You can complete the loan application online or we can provide you with one. Either way, Ultegra is here to assist you in completing the application.

From there, we will generally be able to advise you on the best loan fit. Next we will request the necessary documents to compile your loan package. You should be prepared to provide us with the following:

  • Interim Financial Statements (no older than 45 days from application date)
  • Last year’s Personal and Business Federal Tax Returns
  • A business plan or three year financial projections, if your business is a start-up or early stage or otherwise does not debt service historical
  • Purchase agreement, if you are purchasing real estate or other business assets
  • Franchise Disclosure Document, if your business is a franchise
  • If you are seeking to refinance a debt, a copy of the note being refinanced

As we review the documents submitted we will let you know based upon the specific loan, your business, and your industry.

Our BDO will help you gather the required document and information and one of our underwriters will be assigned to assist and respond to specific questions. And, if you are having trouble drafting a solid business plan and financial statements, no worries; our Business Services department can assist you in putting together a professional documents that will withstand the scrutiny of any lender.


In the underwriting stage, our underwriter will process your application, which involves analyzing your business, reviewing your loan request, and prepare the solid loan package. At this stage Ultegra will work together to address question that may come up in our analysis of your business. The faster you respond to requests, the quicker your loan package will get into the hands of the bank to approve.

Approval and Commitment

Once approved, your underwriter will prepare a commitment letter for your review and approval. The commitment letter details the loan amount, interest rate, collateral required, equity required, and other important terms and conditions of the loan. Again we will are here to walk you through this process and answer any questions you have. Once you understand and are comfortable with the terms, you will need to sign and return it along with good faith deposit check, which may be used for loan closing cost (i.e. the appraisal and environmental reports, loan closing attorney’s fees, credit reports, and lien searches.)

Loan Closing

During the Closing stage, the signed commitment letter and good faith deposit check, will become apart of your loan package and be assigned to our BDO loan packager and closer. Your loan will typically close within 45-60 days from receipt of the signed commitment letter.

If it is SBA loan, Ultegra will work with you to collect the additional documents needed for submission for SBA loans.

During the closing process, required reports are order (i.e. the appraisal and environmental reports, title insurance, and lien searches), reviewed, and approved. You will receive a checklist of all the items needed to close your loan and your closer will work with you to collect these items. The closer will answer any questions about the process and the closing checklist. The quicker the checklist requirements can be satisfied, the faster the loan can close.

The loan closing will be scheduled when all the items on the closing checklist are received and reviewed. You will be notified of the time and place of the closing and any items you need to bring to the closing. Once all loan documents have been signed at the closing your loan proceeds will be disbursed in accordance with the terms of the agreement.

Getting started is easy. Our simple application process and experienced professionals will have payment and finance options available after completing a simple page application.

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