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Cost Reductions Services

Ultegra offers a no risk national procurement and cost reduction services. Ultegra provides contingency auditing, expense category reviews, cost reduction, outsourcing solutions, supply chain management consulting and over the counter pharmaceuticals procurement and other services that help companies evaluate expenses and improve their profit margins. Our cost reductions services can be apply in virtually any type of business. Ultegra uses a range of tool and methodologies to recover lost margins, reduce cost and help you to increase your profits. We provide practical, long-term solution for reducing the cost of goods and services purchased in the normal course of your business. And, Ultegra does it with minimal disruptions to your daily operations and at no risk to you. It is our No Risk Pay for Performance Win/Win Approach.

All services are performed on a contingency fee or gain share basis. Ultegra’s fees to you are based on a percentage of the actual savings generated from our cost reduction plans. Ultegra does the work before you ever pay a dime, because we are confident that we can save you money. Fees will accrue only when you realize actual and documented savings. We share the savings with you over an agreed upon period of time. Then you simply enjoy the savings. Just another example of Ultegra’s win/win approach to doing business.

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