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Think Outside The Bank.

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How It Works

Ultegra does not sell any products or represent any suppliers. Our expense reduction analysts simply analyze costs, review processes, negotiate with suppliers and make recommendations that generate savings.

Our expense reduction analysis process that makes it possible for us to identify significant savings across expense categories.


The Cost Reduction Process

  • We determine which expense categories might benefit from a procurement services and strategic sourcing review
  • We develop an understanding of current and future needs and parameters relating to suppliers and products/services needed
  • We begin a 7 step cost reduction process
  • We present you with recommendations
  • Together we implement recommendations
  • The saving begin
  • We conduct monthly and quarterly reviews of cost saving areas
  • We documentation of savings and invoice on a quarterly
  • We provide ongoing client support

Here are some of the ways that reduce your cost:

  • We identify ways to improve organizational structure
  • We focus on how to integrate information and data
  • We help to solve some of the common problems of mergers and acquisitions
  • We suggest system conversions and upgrades
  • We examine existing growth strategies
  • We eliminate complex or dynamic pricing, billing and ordering processes
  • We evaluation existing contractual arrangements
  • We help you to reduce third–party dependencies
  • We assist you to improve your record keeping
  • We examine automated transaction flows
  • We scrutinize high transaction volumes


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