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Think Outside The Bank.

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Our Approach

Provide businesses with out of the box funding solutions.

Ultegra provides a total funding solution for small to middle-market businesses. We pursue funding for your business that explores options in the marketplace that you are probably unaware of, or may not have access to. We present you with the best options to fund your business and then provide you with one or more capitalization solutions based on your individual needs and goals.

Our specialty is customizing our financial services to meet your needs and in line with your current status.

Move businesses from “un-fundable” to funded!

Ultegra leadership team has an outstanding track record of getting businesses funded that were previously turned down by the bank or banks. Ultegra challenges the definition of “un-fundable”. Our approach is to help clients build funding packages that are viewed favorably by banks and other lenders, and we connect our clients with the right lenders. Ultegra not only thinks outside the box, we move businesses outside of their boxes into worlds where they are viewed as a fundable business.

We understand that without adequate cash flow and a strong credit background, you can be at a competitive disadvantage; we bring you skilled money advisors to help you level the playing field.

  • We work with start-ups, and credit challenged business owners, providing alternative financing even when banks say NO.
  • We work with companies in the “pre-banking” phase to strengthen their credit ratings, balance sheets and income statements and leverage existing relationships with traditional financing institutions.
  • We work with businesses that have been rejected by banks or businesses that are just fed up with bad lending terms.

Bring the business services expertise of large firms into the reach of small and midsize businesses.

Ultegra is fast becoming recognized as a premier provider of Business Services, including a full-spectrum of services customized to various industries. Ultegra offers flexible packages that provide skilled resources that match your needs, whether you are a start-up looking to have a business plan written or a thriving company looking forward to expanding into new markets or products. Our packages allow you to maximize the value of the consulting services.

Ultegra is a forward-thinking company that offers a range of services to small and medium size companies. We advise start-ups, businesses in crisis and thriving companies. We focus on long-term growth. We offer business analysis, merchant processing, software, and equipment leasing services, and we have a proven track record of helping companies like create and maintain a positive cash flow.

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