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Business Services

Business Analysis Meeting

Ultegra provides real business solutions. Our first step is to conduct a business analysis meeting (BAM). In your BAM we review your current financial position and present strategies to improve cash flow, and possible sources of working capital for growth.

Business Plan Writing

Ultegra helps you develop all of the documentation needed to pursue debt, equity, or grants, such as Business Plans, Marketing Plans, Power Point Presentations, Private Placement Memorandum, Feasibility Studies, Financial Statements, and Grant Proposal.

Ultegra works with a team of people that have developed an unmatched methodology to produce first-rate, customized business plans, strategic plans, operational plans, marketing plans and advertising plans.

The business plan helps businesses with start-up cost, fund internal growth or expand into new locations. When it comes to SBA loans, our plans strictly adhere to the SBA’s published guidelines so lenders can review and underwrite applications with confidence. Business plans are customized to fit the specific needs and requirements of your business. All research and writing are done by team members with an expertise in the various areas. In other words, you utilize a team approach to assure that the sections of your plan is written by those with subject matter expertise. Our plans are methodically researched and carefully edited.

Not to mention Ultegra has some of the best “numbers guys” when it comes to one year, three year or five year projects. We can help you navigate through the numbers and assumptions to produce financial statements that will withstand lender scrutiny. The financial experts do the financial modeling and editing.

Ultegra never uses boilerplate plans, like the plans that you will find throughout the internet. You leave Ultegra with plans that are written for your business and your audience. We help you make the best first impression.

The Business Plan is specifically designed to exceed lender-underwriting guidelines. Our plan thoroughly addresses the following key areas:

  • Executive outline and financial summary
  • Company structure and shareholder description
  • Product and/or services overview
  • Competitive market & industry analysis
  • Marketing plan with key objectives
  • Detailed financial plan and assumptions, including three-year pro forma financial projection (sales forecast; profit statements; profit & loss, balance sheet, cash flow, break even analysis, funding requirements and use of proceeds)

Forming a LLC, LLP or C/S Corporations

Ultegra provides personal assistance for each of our clients throughout the entire process of forming a LLC, LLP or C or S Corporations. We will clearly define and describe each option and help you decide which one you need.

Market Research and Analysis

When operating in a fast-moving competitive business environment forward looking market research is vital for effective strategic and tactical planning. Ultegra’s consultants provider market analysis and custom business intelligence solutions with a long established and trusted research methodology.

Our consultants design every project to address specific concerns and ambitions of your business, helping you achieve and maintain leadership positions. We work closely with you and keep you in the loop on the research process and fieldwork.

Our consultants, economists and statisticians are research experts and skilled project managers. They plan, design and coordinate data collection. In addition, we compile data and present the final analysis in format that best meets your specific needs.

Feasibility Study

Feasibility studies are key to the success of your business to succeed, or to convince investors or lenders to fund your initiatives. Feasibility studies help you prove that your ideas are sound and that you have a practical execution.

 We work very closely with the clients to prepare feasibility studies. Our consultants conduct comprehensive industry, customer and competitor analyses in order to determine market opportunities. Our consultants then assess each of the opportunities, determine the best ones, and create action plans for effective market penetration.

Business Credit Builder

We have a relationship with leading credit agencies. Our goal is to help you build strong business credit, enabling you to rely less on your personal credit and assets. Our team will conduct a test to help determine the credibility of your business in the marketplace, and assist you in building your business credibility thus improving your fundability. All of which is necessary to position your business for growth.

Credit and Lending Advisory Services

Ultegra offers specialist advisory and financial restructuring services.

Debt Restructuring

Ultegra helps you restructure your balance sheet debt with refinancing and debt consolidating. Additionally we help you source additional capital to grow your business. Many strategies can be deployed to reduce the current demands on your cash flow. Our team members and partners have years of experience in structuring deals and extensive relations with reputable lenders.

Buyer Representation

Occasionally an acquisition strategy is call for to build critical mass, acquire strategic assets or to eliminate competition. Often times having someone else represent renders better results, from the initial contact to the closing. Our job is to assist you in developing your acquisition target list, inconspicuously communication with your targets, provide our expertise in structuring and negotiating the deal, advise and help conduct the due diligence and help structure, and be at your side when you close.

Seller Representation

If you are selling your company, it is not a time to go at it alone, especially if this is the first time that you have ever sold a company. Ultegra is here to prepare you and your company for sale, represent your best interest and help ensure that you stay clear of common pitfalls. We help you present your company in the best possible light to buyers, assist you in finding the right buyer, help you determine a selling price that reflect your years of investment into business, help you achieve with the optimal deal structure and favorable terms.

Strategic Partnering

Sometimes a growth strategy involves finding the right strategic partner. Finding the right strategic partner, knowing how to approach and how to structure the relationship is key to any successful relationship. Ultegra deploys resources to help you identify leaders field that has already demonstrated success that are likely to add value. Partnerships include partnering for sales and distribution, use advanced technology, product and geographic expansion, and joint venturing to expand brand recognition. .

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