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Think Outside The Bank.

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Lending Services

Ultegra Financial Partners provide a full range of merchant banking services to small to mid-sized companies that are looking to buy, sell, re-finance or finance their company. Ultegra not only assists businesses in obtaining financing, we offer a full range of financial services to financial institutes and brokers.

Having a professionally prepared loan package is vital in today’s lending market. Our team members have years of experience helping companies navigate through challenging financial transaction.  Our expertise lies in underwriting and structuring the best possible deal for your business. This could result in a direct capital injection from the Ultegra fund, sourcing the right capital from the best sources, or a combination of both through our syndication platform.

If a direct capital injection for your company is deemed best, Ultegra will take a merchant banking approach to lending. All funds are typically deployed in the form of a credit instrument, secured by assets. Our fund looks to deploy explosive capital, in which the funds will have an immediate increase in profits. We will typically look for strong management with good character and analyze how the company will look post deployment (effects of financing).

If sourcing capital for your company is deemed best, Ultegra will focus on connecting you with the right lender. Often times a business’s loan is rejected simply because of the bank’s lending preferences, and has absolutely nothing to do with a business’s credit worthiness. Some loans fit into their portfolios, and some do not. Some banks prefer particular industries. Some prefer specific size loans. Some will do SBA loans, and others will not. We have dealt with countless banks and other lenders, have worked with various types of loans, and can therefore offer valuable insight into selecting the right lender to approach.

If syndication for your company is deemed best, Ultegra will focus combining both direct lending with capital sourcing. Having the ability to lend directly and the ability to source capital, allows Ultegra to close deals that typically a single approach shop couldn’t close, or allows Ultegra to close at a much high dollar amount

Our Approach


Ultegra works jointly with you to compile a winning loan package. In order to increase the success of funding we:

  • Assemble required documents
  • Review your application and ensure that the financial information is correct and in a format that the bank prefers
  • Educate you on Ultegra’s lending practices
  • Coaching you for your conversations with the banks
  • Help you create the best possible lending structure
  • Present you with alternative funding options, if necessary

When helping you select a bank and loan package Ultegra focuses on:

  • Management
  • Loan term
  • Cash Equity Percentage Injection
  • Credit Score
  • Personal Collateral Percentage
  • Business Collateral Percentage
  • Interest Rates
  • Pre-Payment Penalty
  • Default Provisions
  • Industry Preference


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