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401 K Plan Financing

Transaction Size: There are no loan amount limits. The amount is based upon the value of your retirement account.

Processing Time: In as little as 3 weeks you can invest a portion of your retirement funds in your business.

Ultegra offers a powerful tool for new or existing businesses to leverage assets that are currently in an IRA, 401(k), SEP, 403(b) or other retirement accounts. Business owners can also take advantage of retirement accounts to fund their business without penalty. And it allows you control over the performance of your retirement plan and the working capital you need to grow your business.

Funding from the retirement accounts can be an expedited way of obtaining working capital without going due diligence and underwriting processes of traditional commercial lending. Funding from retirement accounts often occurs in three weeks or less. Your business has control of the accounts, and using retirement funds for business purposes is an accepted method for small business funding under SBA program guidelines.

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